Jaguar Pre-Paid Maintenance

Every Jaguar vehicle protected by prepaid maintenance receives the care it deserves. Each is serviced by factory-trained Jaguar technicians using genuine Jaguar parts and Castrol Synthetic Oil to keep your vehicle performing at its peak. With nationwide servicing available at participating retailers, regularly scheduled maintenance is not only convenient, but it potentially increases the residual value of your Jaguar vehicle. It can save you money too - up to 25% versus the cost of paying for each service as it is needed. These pre-paid maintenance plans can be purchased prior to the first service interval - or financed with the cost of your vehicle at the time of purchase.

Pre-Paid Maintenance Plan
(Available on all 2015 models)

Prepaid maintenance services include:

    - Replace engine oil and filter**
    - Replace pollen filter**
    - Replace air cleaner element**
    - Replace brake fluid**
    - Check/top up fluid levels (brake, coolant, windshield)
    - Check battery condition, check/ top up electrolyte level
    - Inspect brake pads for wear, calipers for leaks and disc condition
    - Inspect tire pressures, conditions and tread depth
    - Inspect for fluid leaks
      ** At specified maintenance interval.

Pre-Paid Maintenance Plans - Available on 2015 Models Only

ModelPlanRetail Price
2015 XF3 Year Plan - (3 Services)$750
2015 XF4 Year Plan - (4 Services)$1,100
2015 XJ 3 Year Plan - (3 Services)$1,000
2015 XJ 4 Year Plan - (4 Services) $1,400
Maintenance Wear and Tear Plans (Available on all 2016 models)

Jaguar Maintenance Wear and Tear Plan includes the following Wear items in addition to the maintenance services listed above. Note that the number of replacements are limited based on the model and term of the plan purchased:

    - Front Brake Pads (Set)
    - Front Brake Disc (Set)
    - Front Sensor
    - Rear Brake Pads (Set)
    - Rear Brake Disc (Set)
    - Rear Sensor
    - Driver Wiper Blades
    - Passenger Wiper Blades

Maintenance Wear and Tear Plans (Available on all 2016 models)

ModelPlanRetail Price
2016 XF3 Year Plan$1,575
2016 XF4 Year Plan$2,000
2016 XJ 3 Year Plan$1,600
2016 XJ 5 Year Plan$2,000
2016 F-TYPE3 Year Plan$1,850
2016 F-TYPE5 Year Plan$2,400


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